Maddow’s Calm Helping MSNBC

Sep 25, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Rachel Maddow is a welcome change of pace to the cable news networks’ roster of “white male divas,” the New York Times says. MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” provides viewers with similar news and commentary about politics, but her “calming” voice and “wry” sense of humor provide a contrast to the network’s Keith Olbermann and other cable news figures who appear to be “squabbling schoolboys,” the newspaper says.
—Sergio Ibarra

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  1. Re: “News and Commentary”
    As a person who has worked within the media, my thinking is that it’s not asking a lot that the viewer should be expressly informed whether it’s news OR commentary they are being dished. But Keith O, Rachel M et al certainly are not letting letting any of us know which it is. Or more to the point, they would have us believe it’s factual…please. What a fraud being perpetrated on the poor public who rely on these media outlets in good faith. It’s clear to many of us who are looking for greater objectivity and balance that those platforms do a disservice if they intend to offer news AND commentary at the same time, but neglect the little detail to delineate which is which. That’s the problem with MSNBC, not to mention any media who want to be on the cool side of the popular culture… like popular culture knows anything about governing, choosing our leaders…or even recent history for that matter. Today’s faux journalism and the executives running influential media don’t really care if the public are explained the difference or not. It’s all a slippery slope.
    Robert Rosenblatt
    New York

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