CNN’s King Agrees With Media Criticism

Oct 24, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CNN political correspondent John King admits that some of the criticism of the media’s coverage of the election is valid, Editor & Publisher reports. “We did invest our thinking too much at the beginning in the Clinton juggernaut,” King said in an interview with South Carolina ETV. “Of course, Sen. Clinton was going to win—the Clinton name is the gold standard in Democratic politics.” During the interview, King also admitted he believes some of his colleagues are indeed “out of touch” and that Gov. Sarah Palin has been treated differently by the media.
—Christopher Perez

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  1. I cant find positive media coverage of McCain/Palin without going to Fox! I’m starting to wonder why Obama even needs to campaign anymore..CNN Yahoo, MSNBC and NBC are doing it for him. BTW…Yahoo is no longer my homepage.

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