How Now Rachel Maddow?

Nov 24, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Rachel Maddow became a star on MSNBC as Barack Obama swept into office. But Newsweek asks: “How does a liberal, left-leaning ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ behave when a left-leaning president is elected?
–Jon Lafayette


  1. She’ll continue to be perspicacious and witty. She’ll behave much better than O’Reilly or Limgaugh under a far-right president.
    I will definitely continue to watch!

  2. As Wanda has said, things should not change. Ms. Maddow’s a liberal, but she’s also professional. If Barack drops the ball I think she’ll be more than ready to call him on it…Which is more than can be said about the crew of ‘Faux News’ and their beloved ‘W’.

  3. One disappointment though. 35 and you can’t have heroes. That’s just sad. Ronald Reagan, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa? Just a few of the names that made this world a better place.
    Not even an 8th grade teacher, a college prof, a mentor?
    How sad. So many good people right in front of her.

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