Ted Turner Gives Lou Dobbs an Earful

Nov 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Ted Turner paid a visit to “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Tuesday, TVNewser reports. The two reminisced about the early days of CNN and the state of the economy. Turner, who was promoting his new book “Call Me Ted,” talked about the need for investment in renewable energy and wind turbines, how the Detroit auto industry should not get a government bailout and even criticized Dobbs, telling the anchor, “You’re so mean and nasty to the illegal immigrants.”
—Christopher Perez

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  1. Thank you Mr. Turner!! It is about time someone was very open and honest to his face. 95% of his show is about immigrants. If the truth be told we all are immigrants. Some by force and some by choice. Please no boders, no walls. Let’s welcome all who choose to come to the U. S. we should be grateful. If laws are broken, the law will carry out the necessary ruling. It is time for a change. Yes, even Lou Dobbs can change and realize that he is on the wrong side with this issue. Again, thanks to Ted Turner. We need you as watchdog for CNN and others.

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