Tide Rises for Animal’s ‘Whale Wars’ (B&C)

Nov 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Ratings for Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” on Friday jumped 15% from a week earlier, giving the network its largest prime-time audience in a decade, Broadcasting & Cable reports. The series, in its second season, features a ship’s crew trying to prevent Japanese whaling ships from harming the mammals, B&C says.
—Danny King


  1. Have you seen this show? I’m disgusted that Animal Planet is endorsing a fringe group that openly attacks another ship, regardless of the nobility of their cause. And I can’t believe that Steve Irwin’s legacy is now tarnished by giving his name to their ship. This is a group that Greenpeace labels as too extremist to associate with. You got to work hard to earn that designation.
    They may have grabbed some ratings points on it, but they sold their souls to get there. I won’t be letting my children watch the channel anymore. Not if they could be exposed to this kind of stuff.

  2. George,
    Animal Planet doesn’t care about your child anymore…that’s not the audience THEY want to focus on. The rage has always bee to be “more edgy” so as to capture the 20-something crowd. Whale Wars speaks perfectly to these people who seek adventure for adventure’s sake…unfortunately, when you pay 100-bucks to buy passage on a poorly run 200-foot ship that sails into the worst ocean conditions on the planet, it’s a little too late to get off when the proverbial s*** hits the fan.
    Imagine anyone’s fright what the “Captain” declares (after setting sail) “I intend to sink this vessel by running it into a Japanese Whaler.” Now imagine the fright when you find there are few, if any, survival suits on board. Great ratings indeed…..

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