Cooper Swims Cageless With Sharks

Dec 10, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Anderson Cooper had to doublecheck with CNN president Jon Klein before diving with sharks without a cage, the Hollywood Reporter says. Cooper was introduced to the idea of diving with the sea predators while doing research for the next installment of the network’s “Planet in Peril” special on the decline of the great white shark population due to the rising demand for shark fin soup in Asia, the trade says. He did the dive with an experienced diver off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, and lived to talk about shark tourism, the Reporter says.
—Sergio Ibarra

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  1. OK. Now how about doing a piece on the 1st people in the world to do this [myself and friends] back in `92 [See wikipedia]when this was unknown really “Ground-Breaking” stuff.
    I am constantly amazed. All the “Johnnies come Lately” get exposure, but without our historic dive that utterly destroyed the myth of the monster GWS such events today would not have happened – and yet it seems no-one ever says “How did this all come about?”
    So – here`s your chance to set the record straight and get a lot of info I have not revealed yet.

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