Speed Channel Licenses ‘Bullrun’

Dec 31, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Speed Channel has licensed 10 episodes of Spike TV’s 2007 show “Bullrun,” Multichannel News reports. The show, based on an international car rally, will start Feb. 19 and be hosted by former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. The program “Bullrun” is a classic example of what is wrong with television today. Here is a network broadcasting a show that is by design, promoting the illegal and dangerous act of a few selfish drivers. These losers are the same type that show up at Idol auditions, not hoping to make the competition but be the next loveable, talentless loser that gets 3 mins of broadcast time. C’mon, suits! Program some quality entertainment. Ff you program it, viewers will watch. Just look at TNT, USA and SciFi networks.

  2. Wow Bill, I don’t think I’ve heard such an ignorant comment in YEARS. What exactly is illegal about driving the speed limit? And of course there is noooooo safety equipment for the challenges…. on a CLOSED course. And yea, you’re right, everyone just wants their 3 minutes of fame, it has nothing to do with racing/competing against a diverse group of cars! Those 100’s of hours people have spent working on their cars is just so they can be on TV, not so they can see how they can stack up against vehicles of different racing venues. I must say Bill, you could not be more wrong about what you had said. The fact that it is going to be on SpeedTv, a RACING TELEVISION CHANNEL, does not help…. they should just make more shows like “House” to put on SpeedTv huh?
    Tony Wagner
    Aka: Team Dart of 2009

  3. Bullrun’s reality version of the rally by the same title was clearly less than competently orchestrated. This is not unique to reality TV. Bullrun encouraged and promoted behavior and stunts that not even trained stunt men with years of experience would agree to. They asked the contestants to perform stunts that no stunt man in his right mind would agree to without at least one (certainly more than one) rehearsal. It is just a matter of time before there is a major lawsuit against them or some other reality show that exposes contestants to either gross negligence or serious bodily injury for the sure ratings that these types of risks bring. Bullrun (and any other reality show producers) are not interested in anything other than money. The producers win at the expense of the contestants, simply they are exploited.
    Welcome to Hollywood.

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