‘Ax Men’ Star Cited by Police

Mar 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The History Channel’s “Ax Men” star Levi Brown has been cited by police in North Plains, Or. after getting into a fistfight with another man on Saturday, the New York Post reports. Brown said he “only hit the guy a couple of times,’ which left the man with a broken nose and a shattered eye socket, the newspaper says.
-Aimee Picchi


  1. I think it is bull that Levi may face more than getting cited, he only fought to protect himself.
    If he was any other person I don’t think they would have pushed the charges on Levi so much but because he is on tv it’s a different story. When you’re from the country you know when you’re pushing it too far with someone and if you keep pushing and they beat your ass for whatever reason you know you deserved it. I can also garentee that Levi’s not the kind of person that goes around beating people up for the hell of it. Most people from the country are taught from the time there small you don’t start fights but if someone starts one with you you finish it.
    What was Levi suppose to do let them beat him black and blue so he wouldn’t get in trouble thats not fair, just because he’s a reality tv star doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be allowed to protect him self.Levi is a very sweet person that would never go around starting fights for no reason.

  2. the damage they do to the enviroment is awful there just a bunch of no good drunks

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