Cramer Creamed by Stewart

Mar 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Jon Stewart hammered Jim Cramer and CNBC when he appeared on the Daily Show Thursday, the Associated Press reports. Stewart played 2006 clips of Cramer talking about how to manipulate stocks and create Wall Street rumors during the time he was a hedge-fund manager. “You could almost see the blood drain from Cramer’s face every time the camera returned to him in the studio with Stewart,” Entertainment Weekly says. Cramer said he’d try to do a better job of holding Wall Street accountable, “but the dismantling of Cramer’s reputation had been done,” EW says.
—Jon Lafayette

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  1. I love what Jon Stewart has done here. CNBC seems to have fallen into the newspaper trappings of bad news sells paper, or in this case, might attract viewers. This is no longer the case, as we have seen a backlash against negative news regarding the economy from the general public all around the world. CNBC needs to get a clue that they are only adding to the troubles by perpetuating a negative perception, and by doing so, impeding consumer spending and weakening sentiment.
    It’s time to start finding some of the positive stories to show how businesses are adapting and finding ways to reinvent themselves for survival and for success. Local TV stations are finding the success stories with local biz, why can’t the big network news teams spend a little of their huge budgets to seek these “silver lining” stories out and breed a change in sentiment regarding the economy.
    CNBC’s news coverage (especially reagarding the economy) sucks and I gave up watching their doom and gloom reporting weeks ago. Go Jon Stewart, and thank you!!
    Troy S. Woody

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