Dish Sued Over Telemarketing

Mar 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Dish Network is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for violating the national Do Not Call Registry, the Associated Press reports. The company denied the charges, saying it is compliance with the law, the wire service says.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. I’m just shocked! My liberal government is actually going to prosecute a company for not “scrubbing” thier lists? Many a company had not been prosecuted, including my Toledo Ohio Paper ‘The Toledo Bland. (who also owns Buckeye Cablesystem and WLIO 35 – Lima, Ohio, under “blade holdings”.)’
    Maybe our dictators in Washington need to make rules of how the FTC does this. I know I complained about the paper alone several times last year… unles the website complaints do not count.
    I know Dish calls, but when you are in an apartment, they tell you that they cannot sell to you. So why bother to even call????

  2. Pointing out inconsistancies is being a dork… glad to be one. oviously someone from the “Toledo Bland” commenting.

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