Kyra Sedgwick Stars in Tropicana Ads

Mar 23, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Kyra Sedgwick will be the face for Tropicana’s new product, Trop50, the Hollywood Reporter says. Sedgwick will represent the company’s new light orange juice in what it says is Tropicana’s first multimillion-dollar campaign in its history, the trade publication says. The campaign launches Monday with a TV spot set to air on broadcast and cable networks, the Reporter says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. go kyra!!! get busy and earn back some of that $$$$$ the madoff’s stole from you and kevin.
    hopefully bernie isnt enjoying his 23 hrs, a day in that 8×5 space. at least he’ll have a whole lot of thinking time.

  2. OK, Eric…OK! We got it! 😉

  3. I LOVE the shoes Kyra wears on the Tropicana commercial. Anyone…..any idea how I can find the maker?

  4. kyra is awesomw in this ad. She moves like a dancer. I had fun watching her and went out and bought the product. And it is really good. You go girl. I am addicted to The Closer.

  5. the shoes are martin margiela

  6. I love the shoes too. . .thanks for the tip Chris

  7. anybody know the name of the song in the commercial?

  8. Song is…SHE’S A LADY…..by Tom Jones

  9. I love the shirt and shrug she’s wearing too…..can anyone help there??

  10. These shoes are $895.00 and can be found @ saksfifthavenue.com and are made by Martin Margiela

  11. 20 yrs. ago I heard it predicted that the generation being born then would most likely live to be 115-130 yrs. old. Using that scenario, by whose standards is the beautiful and talented Kyra Sedgewick middle-aged? She certainly doesn’t need defending by me, but I am affronted on her behalf all the same. I look at her and see intelligence, talent, beauty and strength. What’s not to like? And by what little I’ve heard of her, she seems to be a genuinely decent human being. …and darned if I wouldn’t like to look like that dancing around My kitchen!

  12. Wow, I love these shoes as well. Any idea where I can find similar ones that are cheaper?

  13. Thanks Laura I Love Kyra-Love Closer-Love Tropicana in the morn-Love that commerical and Love her shoes. Not shoes,thought sandals and I learn are sandal boots to the tune of $800 macks! Thanks for the info Chris I still want them. Hey Jacqueline Did you find a cheaper version of Martin Margiela’s design? Wish I would have taped that commercial. Any idea how I could accomplish that?

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