TV Pundits Blame Obama for Dow

Mar 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As the markets slid over the last few months, TV talkers have been pinning the blame on President Obama, the Washington Post says. Fox News’ Sean Hannity, CNN’s Lou Dobbs, and CNBC’s Jim Cramer are among those saying the markets are showing no confidence in Obama’s agenda. Are they right? “To pin the blame on him is just fundamentally unfair and wrong,” Steve Shepard, dean of the City University of New York’s journalism school, tells the paper. “The decline of the market since Obama took office is largely related to the deepening of the economic disaster.”
—Jon Lafayette


  1. Of course Kurtz and Shepard waste no time in blaming it all on Bush, despite the fact that many days of drops have been caused by Obama’s out-and-out attack on business and the article also doesn’t bother to mention the efforts Bush made to increase regulations that were shot down time and time again by the same Democrats now blaming him for “his mess” – like Barney Frank.
    So while it may be a bit unfair, Mr. Obama is certainly being treated better than Mr. McCain would have been had he won the election and had the Dow dropped the same amount.

  2. Memo to Right Wing nuts everywhere: Next time you think the TV biz doesn’t have any of your kind in its ranks, read Bill’s comment above.

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