Children’s Media Group Wants Ad Ratings

Apr 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The Children’s Media Policy Council has asked the FCC to include ratings for “inappropriate TV commercials” in the V-chip ratings system, which would allow parents to block such ads, Broadcasting & Cable reports. The Association of National Advertisers told the FCC that rating ads would be “ruinous,” the trade paper says. The two sides made their comments in filings before a Thursday deadline for an FCC report on content-blocking technologies, the publication says.
-Aimee Picchi


  1. The Association of National Advertisers should have told the FCC that rating ads is “stupid.” If children are watching age-appropriate programming, it is doubtful this would even be necessary. If kids are being exposed to the latest Girls Gone Wild offering, the parents have let the little munchkins go wild by allowing them to take control of the remote. Come on parents, do your jobs and parent your kids.

  2. For the sake of the CHILDREN, we NEED this Regulation!
    As it stands, there is no way to control advertisments for “Adult Products” and the Companies who put out these ads don’t seem to care that they are being shown at times when children are watching TV. I have seen ads for Prescription Drugs such as Viagra and Adult Products such as KY Jelly aired during Weekend Afternoon Sporting Events such as NASCAR Racing, NFL Football and the NCAA Basketball Playoffs, among others. I have also seen these ads on during early evening Game Shows such as Jeapordy and Wheel of Fortune. I have even seen these Ads aired during Children’s Shows!
    Amending the V-Chip Rule would make it considerably easier for a Parent to control what their Children are watching. As it stands now I cannot wonder how many Parents cringe when a Program goes to break, fearing what product the advertisers will be tossing at them next.
    Advertisments have their place, but ones for “Adult Products” should not be aired at times when children are watching.

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