Forget Cable, Buy the DVD

Apr 24, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As if the TV business didn’t have enough to worry about, the San Francisco Chronicle suggests that buying DVDs is a better way to watch shows than subscribing to cable. “Now even the most obscure series are being compiled and boxed for your enjoyment,” the paper says. Recommended shows include “The Wire,” “The Sopranos,” “The Shield,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Mad Men,” “Arrested Development” and “Lost.”
—Jon Lafayette


  1. I’ve been doing this for 2 1/2 years now! 🙂 Over the last few years I watched as the overall quality of today’s TV Programming continually headed south. “Reality” Shows have spread across the scene like a Cancer, replacing many quality Dramas and Comedy shows. For a while Cable TV was an alternatibe, but now the “Reality” trend has hit them as well. Also many of the so-called “Niche” Channels, that were supposed to give us subscribers Variety, have become wastelans as well, with many of them showing the same shows over and over again. If that isn’t enough, the number of Commercials shown during a program has increased to the point of INSANITY. I have seen as many as 26 Minutes of Commercials packed into One Hour of Programming!:( Then they started advertising during the shows itself! Pop-Up, Scrolls and Banners Butt-In any wich way during the program, often occompanied with sound effects. (Funny how you don’t see these during the Commercials, Even the scrolls for Weather Adviseries dissappear when the Commercials come on.) In the Fall of 2006 I decided I had anough. Returning from a Vacation I stepped into a Video Store and used my spare Vacation Money to purchase DVD Box Sets of a dozen differant TV Shows. The amount doubled by Christmas of that year, and in January of 2007 I CANCELLED my Subscription to Cable TV. The money that was formerly used to pay my Subscription, (About $65.00 a Month) is now used to acquire more DVDs. I now have over 11,000 Hours of TV Programs on DVD, along with over 1,200 Movies, and over 500 Hours of Documentaries, Serials and other Programming. Evenings in my House are spent ENJOYING TV Shows again, knowing I have to endure five minutes of Commercials every seven minutes or so. The “Pause” Button has replaced the “Mute” Button as the most pressed button on my TV’s Remote. (Usually because of a Phone Call (Yes I have Caller ID, Telemarketers do not get answered), or a Visitor has arrived at the Front Door.) And the best part of watching a Show on DVD? – After you finish watching it, YOU GET TO KEEP IT!!!:D

  2. Better yet, convince your local library to get the DVD and then use their copy to burn your own, using DVDFab. Some of these DVD copiers even allow the user to eliminate the FBI warning screen on the final copy.

  3. “The Wire” should be in any personal TV Library anyhow.

  4. The good: quality programming with no snipes, ads and gimmicks. Especially if you buy shows that aired on basic cable.
    The bad: if everyone drops their cable, they shoot the cow. The channels have less income, less to spend on development or go out of business. Then there are little or no programs to put on dvd.

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