Maddow Losing Viewers

Apr 22, 2009  •  Post A Comment

“The Rachel Maddow Show,” a huge hit during a historic presidential campaign, is losing viewers since President Obama has been in office, the Los Angeles Times reports. “My job of asking questions and being critical doesn’t stop depending on who is in the White House,” Maddow tells the paper. “My main concern is keeping the quality of the show high. We don’t debate the ratings very much.”
—Jon Lafayette


  1. No surprise. Her show was a fad tied to the heat of the election. Now that she has to compete in a more normal television environment, she can’t keep up. Audiences will eventually drop below one million and she’ll fade away within 18 mos.

  2. Heat of the election? No, she was tied to Republican-bashing when the Republicans ran the show. Now it’s Obama’s game and the joy of nitpicking is gone.

  3. You said it!
    Liberal Dems have proven themselves to be great at bashing the other side, but incapable of legitimate intrspective journalism and reporting.
    Geithner, Daschle, Dodd, Harman, Pelosi’s husband. The list goes on and on, and nary a peep from Maddow, Olberman and their ilk.
    Flash-in-the-pan big mouths who have had their 10 seconds of fame.
    Nobaody will miss them. Good riddence

  4. I find Maddow’s delivery sooooooo boring, her content so shallow, and her appearance unsightly. I agree that she will disappear into msnbc partisan oblivion.

  5. tooo glib …everything is not funny…but i like her

  6. Enough of Rachel:
    She can’t seem to figure out what is it that she wants to be. She has now joined the ranks of those who demand Obama cleans up the mess immediately.
    She is not funny and her attempts at humor is sickening.
    The girl is a real turn off. Enough already.

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