TV Catches Swine Flu Fever

Apr 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Television news operations were breathlessly tracking the outbreak of swine flu, treading close to going overboard on the story, the Washington Post reports. “It’s obviously a big story and you want to give it attention,” MSNBC President Phil Griffin tells the paper. “I do think we have to be careful not to overstate it and not make people scared to death.”
—Jon Lafayette


  1. Literally every viewer I had spoken with said they are seeing this as overkill. I tend to agree. Posting symptoms is one thing. Hyping Loraine, Ohio’s case and a potential case in Wood County, Ohio…which remains unconfirmed, is too much, when you add in Mexico, the WHO statements, The CDC statements, National news media going “nutso” over this, etc. I literally don’t remember seeing this in Toronto, during the SARS outbreak.
    Another co-worker mentioned that WTVG-Tv/DT Toledo, Ohio (ABC/Disney Company), who I seem to not like, is hyping it… to the point HE stopped watching. Good Job Bryan Tauring! Drive viewers away of the NEW UNBRANDED “action news”! (Yes they (WTVG – 13abc)do need a branding lesson, on branding identity to a product.)
    The nets, cable and broadcast, need to cover other things now. It’s just annoying. Now I’m not the only one saying it.

  2. Jon Stewart put it in perfect perspective last night. Catch the replay this evening or on the web if you missed it. Well worth watching.

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