Fox News Big Gainer in May; CNN Plunges

Jun 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel ended May as the top-rated cable news network during a month that included the unraveling of the U.S. auto industry and the announcement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s retirement, Broadcasting & Cable reports.

Fox News saw a jump of 30% with viewers between 25-54 compared with May 2008, while CNN plunged 37% and MSNBC declined 9%. Some of the Fox News shows that were the biggest gainers were  "Glen Beck" more than doubling its audience among the demographic and "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren" increasing 45%.

—Aimee Picchi



  1. The reason for Fox’s news upsurge in the polls is that most people can see the leftist bias in all other newscasts and networks. At least on Fox you get balanced reporting and not a lot of leftist leaning idiolog.

  2. Fair and Balanced? Seriously? Based on what? I grant you that MSNBC has a strong liberal bias but its ideological slant isn’t constant, unlike Fox News. Fox News ratings are growing because is is a “safe” space for all the people who hope the world will go back to 1952.
    Recent events have started to show the FNC people as the weak, echo chamber dwellers they are, and the audience will start to turn now that seal has broken.
    Stiring up viewers, talking about how no one takes responsibility for anything, but when the get called out they retreat blaming other media outlets or just shrugging it off claiming to be “just a commentator” or a “rodeo clown”. Funny, they never say that stuff when they are inside the echo chamber, only when seeking more publicity outside of it.
    I have been in the media business 22 years. For me, the true proof of Fox News’ power will be when they leave the echo chamber and produce a nightly news program for broadcast.
    Put the brand out there and go head to head with the other established products. The day they try it, I will respect them, the day they win (which is highly unlikely)I will admit they are the number one source for tv news.

  3. People always stop to look at a train wreck too. At least they’re keeping all of the neo con nuts occupied.

  4. People are fed up with the constant Obamafest going on at the other “mainstream” news channels, and the constant berating of Bush (give it a break already, he lost). They will put up with the crap at Fox just to hear something besides glowing, one-sided reports on the wonderful things Obamessiah has done yet again today.

  5. i’m curious to know if they get notified of your unfriending?

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