How Harvey Levin and TMZ Scooped the World on Jackson

Jun 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

TMZ.com chief Harvey Levin isn’t upset that many news organizations declined to credit his Time Warner-owned website with breaking the story of Michael Jackson’s death, the media maven tells the Los Angeles Times.

"That’s typical," he told the Times, referring to the lack of credit. "No matter what they say, people know we broke the story. That’s how competitors handle it. There’s no issue about our credibility."

Interestingly, despite owning the story on the web, the syndicated newsmagazine version of TMZ didn’t make mention of the Jackson death during its opening segment last night.

–Josef Adalian


  1. Well, unless TMZ’s news magazine does something different than the others, their show was complete and feed up by satellite long before Michael Jackson went to the hospital.
    As to people not crediting TMZ for breaking the news… local website woodtv.com (an NBC affiliate) gave full credit to TMZ within minutes of the story breaking.

  2. Thinking you “own” a story of this type and magnitude is ridiculous and to expect that reputable news organizations would “credit” Levin for “breaking” the story is even more ridiculous.
    I’m just pissed that I’m wasting my time commenting on this nonsense.

  3. Harvey Levin is a journalist and an attorney, he is also a very astute man with a good business head and sense of timing. This is a show that gives accurate facts and doesn’t sugar coat them. I think he is underestimated as a viable source of entertainment and D.C. news.

  4. I registered to this shameful site simply so I could state what an unforgiveable, atrocious, cruel and despicable human being Harvey Levin is.
    My God, is this where we stand in this culture? Regarding the Michael Jackson tragedy, I would not want the karma that awaits you Mr. Levin.
    Michael Jackson was a human being with a soul, a heart, feelings and most importantly right now; children. As far as I’m concerned, you phony, pseudo journalists are complicit in Michael Jackson’s death. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Is anyone considering the children of Michael Jackson? You are talking about their father, you insensitive, heartless wretches in the media. It’s none of our business. Shame, shame, shame on all of you, including that bimbo father, Joe Jackson, who is as guilty of killing Michael Jackson as are the record industries, sycophants and media morons like Levin rearing their ugly mouths right now.
    Michael Jackson, may you finally rest in a peace long deserved and much overdue.

  5. TMZ is correct in demanding credit. nbc/abc/cbs/ access hw/ et/ extra/ inside edtion / insider / today/ gma all demand credit when they 1st report something, so for tmz to demand it is no difference.

  6. eliz: All tmz did was report the news. That MJ had dies. U blaming tmz makes no sense.
    Blame abusive mean Joe Jackson.
    Blame all the Drs who kept giving MJ drugs just 2 be in his entourage.
    Blame the parents who were greedy & made their kids lie & say MJ touched them.
    Blame MJ for being stupid & still hanging out w boys alone aopening himself up to lawsuits.
    ..but tmz has no blame in his death. They just reported the news.

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