Jon & Kate Plus Backlash? Ratings Dive for TLC Phenom

Jun 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

You wouldn’t know it from the covers of the celebrity magazines, but America may be getting sick of the saga of "Jon & Kate."

According to final national Nielsen ratings just released, Monday’s episode of TLC’s "Jon & Kate Plus 8" averaged 2.9 million viewers. While still a great number for cable, it represents a huge dropoff from the show’s ratings just three weeks ago.

Specifically, Monday’s episode was off 70 percent from "J&K’s" Memorial Day premiere, when 9.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the family melt down begin. This week’s edition also dropped 31 percent from last week’s ratings, and 37 percent below the 4.6 million who tuned in for the show’s most recent season finale in March (pre-scandal).

The "J&K" slump this week came despite a well-promoted visit by the Teutel family from "American Chopper."

–Josef Adalian



  1. well, who wants to watch something depressing? if they are going to get a divorce, or if the show is staged somehow and is not real, why do we want to watch it? jon and kate just need to set the record straight and put to rest all rumors and proclaim thier love for one another. we don’t like watching divorce that’s all… after all, many of us have divorced parents. who wants a trip down memory lane, not me… ratings should climb back up when they reunite for some romantic one on one time with eachother. they were never very romantic, but we want to see them happily in love. i would be worried if the ratings were the highest during this point…. then people would like watching them like they are- not okay. and mainly due to the paparazzi and the tabloids. otherwise, jon is just going through a midlife crisis and acting like a kid. so what? it doesn’t mean he is cheating. and this is a family show. if they think he is cheating, then they don’t want to show thier kids…that’s not appropriate for children to see. so, love eachother and don’t say it’s a private matter. that is suspicious. tell us something like, “we are happily in love and adjusting well to fame and rumors being spread about us. it took us a while to look past all that and see it will not dictate our lives as long as we trust and love one another.” or have a rep comment. so then, no longer will tabloids start fights between jon and kate. back off! enough is enough! jon and kate could be like madonna and allow no newspapers at all in the house while they focus on the show. i mean if madonna wasted her time on everything everyone else was saying, she never would of survived emotionally. people are too mean. ratings will be directly porportional to the love meter between jon and kate. let’s see what happends.

  2. Kate and Jon have to get back together and Kate has to change to be a loving mother if not their rating will drop further!
    No, family loving people will watch their show if the parents are lousy parents and heading for a divorce through their egoistic behaviors, particularly Kate!

  3. Kate has gone from super control freak mom to absentee mom. I agree. The ratings will continue to decline until they either completely split or start making up.

  4. Lindsay Lohan Will Go to Treatment Today, She’s pretty much doing this for a stunt to cut down her sentencing in Oct or else entirely keep away from any jail time. This woman is so crystal clear and predictable.

  5. Hopefully his appearance does help increase affinity for Science…there are a number creationists in America, it’s shameful that pride shown in methodical ignorance.

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