Jon & Kate’s TV-Ravaged Marriage: What if There’s a Custody Battle?

Jun 23, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” who filed for divorce Monday and announced their separation on the show Monday night, “crumbled under the glare of the TV lights,” the San Jose Mercury News says.

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Weekly, any custody battle that arises as a result of their divorce is likely to be complicated.

–Tom Gilbert


  1. TLC should be ashamed. Exploiting the children and the couple. The channel’s changing for the worse the last six months and now this. Shame.

  2. My vote is the twins, the first born older girls, go live with Jon. After all, we know if Kate wouldn’t give her a sip of water on camera, she has no chance of surviving living with a mean, demanding, Darth Vader, testosterone-driven woman!

  3. Mandy, TLC has found another family to replace Jon & Kate’s just in case the divorce is too much for them to handle.
    There are tons of people who think they can handle the glare of the spotlight. They think they’re well-adjusted to be able to withstand the harsh heat of the public criticism. However, imagine their shock when they realize they can’t handle the truth. Now they’re divorce court . . .
    It’s always going to be about the money. None of the shows care about the person inside, they just want ratings for their TV shows. Their happiness and lives be damned!

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