Oprah ‘Gift’ Cruise Gift Could Trigger Tax Bill for 1,700 Staffers

Jun 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey gave 1,700 of her staff a 10-day Mediterranean luxury cruise, reportedly at a cost of $9.2 million, and now they might have to come up with more than $1,000 in federal taxes each, the New York Post says.

An Oprah spokesman said the cruise was a gift and shouldn’t be taxed, but a tax law professor said she’s doubtful the IRS will agree.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Doesn’t matter. Either way the staffers are lucky to be employed by Oprah. They are paid very well and if it turns out they have to pay $1000 plus on taxes. It’s ok too. They can afford it. In the meantime other employers can learn from Oprah to treat their staff well too!! Doesn’t have to be a cruise can be a simple thank you or even a free paid day off.

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