O’Reilly Critized Over Tiller Comments

Jun 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly is drawing questions and criticism for his focus during the past years on murdered Kansas doctor and abortion provider George Tiller, the Associated Press says.

Liberal commentators have raised the issue of whether O’Reilly’s rhetoric, calling doctor "Tiller the baby killer," contributed to his murder on Sunday during church services in Wichita.

"Quick-thinking Americans" should condemn the murder, O’Reilly said on his first show after Tiller’s death.

—Aimee Picchi


  1. According to my knowledge, Tiller violated the Kansas state law by performing late-term abortions for reasons of “mental health” that included being able to go to a rock concert, a prom or compete in a rodeo. Mental health is not in the law, and the Legislature did likely not intend it to be interpreted as such. Most of Tiller’s late-term abortions were probably illegal, and that could be considered massmurder. The elite of Kansas state makes a very corrupt impression to me.

  2. Your knowledge is wrong. Tiller was investigated, tried, and *acquitted* of charges under Kansas law. Also, the Supreme Court has repeatedly found that health exceptions include danger to the woman’s mental health.
    Here are stories of late-term abortions in Tiller’s clinic: http://www.aheartbreakingchoice.com/kansasstories.html. No one was going to the prom.

  3. Only after the doctor was murdered did he mentioned that the doctor’s action were legal.
    I think He promoted the doctor’s murder

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