Consumers Substituting Online TV for Cable, According to Pew Research

Jul 31, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Almost one-fifth of Internet users watch video online almost every day, women are catching up to men in terms of online video usage and more and more recession-conscious Americans are using the Web as a cable TV substitute, Mediaweek reports.

Citing a report issued Wednesday by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, Mediaweek said 19 percent of Internet users surveyed claim they visit video sites in a typical day, up from 8 percent just three years ago, and that 62 percent of adults have watched videos on sites like YouTube.

–Tom Gilbert

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  1. The headline is an editorial error by MediaWeek – reading the Pew report, yes it says 22% cut back or canceled cable, but, this is due to the economy and NOT due to online streaming. What an error in editorial judgment. Cable cutbacks are mainly in reduction of multiple pay tv channels, and, switching to satellite/fiber. On Pay TV channels, HBO continues ok, but not so with lower-tier services. And all industry reports show when cable is disconnected people are connecting to satellite or fiber packages. You’ll not find ONE report showing a growth in antenna-watching TV (the opposite effect true, since DTV) or in reduction of TV households. There is ZERO evidence broadband is replacing cable – and the basic premise of this headline is 100% wrong; it’s an attention-getting headline, but, WRONG by all reports… Cable+satellite+fiber TV is substantially UP and not down. And cable broadband continues to add billions of well-earned dollars to MSO’s who are investing in higher speed DOSIS – why? To support popular streaming use. Online streaming is good for cable, as cable has better broadband pipes, and it helps differentiate value vrs satellite.

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