Dr. Laura Comments About ‘Jon & Kate’

Jul 22, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As the Jon and Kate story gets messier and more tabloid, it seems less and less is written about the eight. Interestingly, if it wasn’t for their eight kids, most likely none of us would have even heard of Jon or Kate, because certainly no one was going to sign them up for a TV show alone.

The conservative talk show host Dr. Laura, who has always been a strong advocate for kids and family, has been deluged with emails about the show. She finally responded on her blog last month (we missed it at the time).

In relevant part, here’s what she said:

My heart goes out to the kids.  Is it humane to children to let their parents exploit them in a television program when their images and intimacies are exposed to everyone for all time when they have no say or control?  Is it in the children’s best interests to be USED as entertainment by two parents so self-absorbed that they put money and celebrity in front of their children’s privacy?  It’s like putting your children in a circus freak show strip and having a barker yelling: “Come in, come in and see what happens to children when their parents use them for your entertainment… It’s exciting, it’s damaging, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off ‘em.  Watch ‘em wiggle. Watch ‘em cry. Watch ‘em squirm.  It’s so much fun…bring popcorn and beer and come watch the show.”

To read Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s entire response to the Jon and Kate circus, click here.

—Chuck Ross


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