Must See TV: O’Reilly Attacks Lou Dobbs on Obama Birth Certificate Issue, Then Passionately Defends Dobbs’ Right to Say It

Jul 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment


  1. Bill O’Reilly is a fool to believe that Obama’s citizenship has been proven. If he were a citizen, then why is Obama spending millions of dollars in legal fees fighting these lawsuits, rather than simply showing his birth certificate. Until the birth certificate is shown, then O’Reilly should stop judging. I’m sick of these liberals always pulling out the race card. The only Racists in this country are the Democrat liberals who have tried to eliminate the black community through abortion genocide. I wonder when the black community will catch on and realize that they are on the wrong team.

  2. This is the most uneducated, uninformed comment I may have ever read. What lawsuits? Quote them. Black/abortion genocide? Again, look at the statistics of who gets abortions.

  3. Why anyone is still waving the absurd birther claims around is a mystery to me. As can be seen from the comment here, people insist on ignoring the facts. Many even merge the birther claims with absurd racist propaganda.
    The birth certificate has been produced. The state has verified it. The hospital has verified it. The local paper at the time has verified it. CNN has verified it. Even FOX has verified it. This is an open and shut case.
    Everyone has their right to an opinion in this country. But they do not have the right to make false claims and make incorrect assertions on matters of established fact.
    The broadcasters and politicians allowing this “flat earth society” minority to continue to spread lies are no better than someone falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater. For a network anchor to give air time to birther wackos is irresponsible at best, and potentially traitorous.

  4. Donna the Dummy. Perhaps “Dumber than Donna” should be a new reality show. They could try to find someone dumber each week? It will be tough to find anyone to out dumb her. However, Donna’s comment is so absurd it perhaps should be considered a fake posting. Bill O’Reilly, a liberal? Nobody could be dumb enough to believe that! ——–C’mon Senator Franken—it’s time to stop writing jokes attempting to make those Minnesota Republicans look stupid. Now go back to reading your comic books.

  5. Mary here again. DONNA, I want to see your facts – where are the lawsuits? Why would you say show us the birth certificate when it has been shown? Help us out here. If you want “liberals” to get up to speed, WHERE do you find your facts?

  6. shud up alls, barock osama is a true terror liberreal and jew knows it.
    viva neo conservationism

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