Quick: What Song–Whose Singer Has Had a Ton of BAD Publicity In Recent Months– Has Soared Into iTunes Top 10 This Week

Jul 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Chris Brown should take this as a sign that he’s got to be serious about no longer hitting women:

Due to nothing he’s done, his song ‘Forever" has soared back into the iTunes Top 10 Chart.

The reason, of course, is because of the incredible popularity–10 milliion views and counting!!–of the vial video Jillian Peterson and Kevin Heinz posted of their wedding procession. The joyful, infectiously delightful video has the entire wedding party boogeying their entrance to the ceremony to the strains of Brown’s "Forever."


  1. Mainstream America, know this, from me, a Grandmother, not a teeny bop fan. Chris Brown is one of the most decent young celebs to come out in a long time. I was horrified by the incident with Rihanna. I pray and know that he will learn to step out of the pressures that lead to the type of stress that would have lead him to hitting her. Believe, he has shown himself to be ultra decent since the first day he came on the scene. He’s humble, carefree, very charismatic and ‘hittin women’ as this article infers – was/is certainly not something he would take lightly. So treat him half as well as you have the mainstream women abuser – Jack Nicholson,Charlie Sheen,Sean Penn,Christian Bale,Mickey Rourke, and maybe America can start to live up to it’s stated beliefs.

  2. Well put asdf, well put!

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