Self-declared Geeks and Others Attack Tuesday’s Sci Fi Rebrand to SyFy; the SyFy Channel Responds

Jul 7, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As the Sci-Fi channel prepares to change its name Tuesday to SyFy, the channel’s Craig Engler Twitters to answer the never-ending basic question, “why, huh, what,” according to James Hibberd’s Live Feed  blog.

Hibberd complies a numer of Tweets, both the questions from fans and Engler’s answers.

Our favorite exchange:

Q) Help me understand. Name one new project you can do as Syfy that wouldn’t have felt right as Sci Fi.

A) Syfy is about catching up to where our programming mix is, not about changing it.

–Chuck Ross


  1. I love Science Fiction, but I don’t mind if they change the name to Syfy. After all, almost all of what they show is either horror or fantasy, with very little real science fiction anymore.

  2. Idiots. (Sorry, that’s all I can think of about this name change.)

  3. syfy? It loooks like sugfug on my TV screen.
    As graphic artist for over 30 years, this logo is absolutely hideous, blocking my TV screen contents, and is outrageous from a graphical viewpoint. Surely it was not an artist but the “big guy” that passed this logo.
    As for programming, the downhill slope has gone on for over a year now. “Wrastling”?! Mork and Mindy as Sci Fi!!!
    I have been getting ready to cut the thread of cable TV. The garbage you provide as “SciFi” which I used to watch is no longer an option.

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