TLC Officially on ‘Jon & Kate’: No More Joint Couch and More

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Here’s what TLC President Eileen O’Neill told the press at the TV Critics Press Tour today about "Jon & Kate Plus 8", according to The Live Feed and a number of other blogs as well as Discovery press relations personnel:

"I have a suspicion that Jon and Kate may be on your minds so before I introduce today’s panels let me give you a brief update.

Over the last four years and through 100 episodes, we’ve captured this remarkable family’s entertaining chaos.

Viewers fell in love and the show developed a passionate, loyal following.

But this past spring life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television.

Our approach to the circumstance was simple: to cover the family with great care and thoughtfulness as they dealt with a subject that is all to familiar to many American families today.

Jon and kate have never said they were perfect, which has made them relatable and created an undeniable connection with the viewers.

We will continue to capture this family’s journey in a respectful and sensitive way.

The show comes back on Monday and most new episodes remain a work in progress.

But I will tell you, the iconic couch is gone. Jon & Kate will now have separate chairs for their interviews.

You’re still going to see two parents that love their kids, but you’ll be seeing them parenting separately.

You’ll see what it’s like when Kate has to put a tent up for a backyard camping experience by herself. Or, see Jon trying to cook up a pizza for the kids.

As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon & Kate’s lives, we are taking it on a case-by-case basis.

This is real life. It’s important to remember that our cameras are only there for moments in time, and those moments have limits."

—Chuck Ross

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