Movie, ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16,’ Set to Air on MTV (Of Course It Is. Hmm. Wondering if It’s Going to Be Accompanied by a New Music Video—With Special Lyrics—Called ‘Sixteen Psycho Candles’)

Aug 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

MTV has announced a slate of original movies. Films in production include “Turn the Beat Around,” “MADE,” and "My Super Psycho Sweet 16.”

According to the MTV press release, the latter is about “Madison Penrose, who gets everything she wants, including her wish to re-open the desolate Rollerdome for her sweet sixteen party. The site of several grisly murders a decade earlier, things become ‘psycho’ when the killer returns to crash her party.”

The film will get a theatrical run and then air on MTV in late October, 2010. It stars Juliana Guill (“Friday The 13th”), Lauren Mcknight (“House of Fear”), Chris Zylka (“Cougartown”) and Matt Angel (“Raising The Bar”).

Speaking of the entire film slate, Tony DiSanto, president of MTV programming, said in a statement, “Our mission is to redefine the creative canvas of MTV with a diversity of content in a variety of formats. Storytelling is in our DNA, and feature films for television are the next natural step of progression for us. We are thrilled to be in this game.”

–Chuck Ross


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  2. That video was not funny at all. I want 5 minutes of my life back…

  3. i liked it

  4. I liked it.

  5. i wanna watch the movie!!!!!!??!!!

  6. I loved this movie…such a good premise for a slasher film (who wouldn’t want to see these spoiled brats get cut up?), and they did a good job of keeping it short, sweet and action-packed. Lots of gore, too for a TV movie!
    Also, I really liked the soundtrack, lots of good tunes, especially “Put the Candle Back” by Electric Owls (that’s the song playing while Madison, Olivia and Chloe get ready for the party)

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