Astounding: Apple Says App Downloads Now Exceed 2 Billion; Here are The Top Grossing TV-Related Ones (Including CNN’s Brand New PAID App)

Sep 29, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Apple has announced that app downloads for its iPhone and iPod touch customers has reached 2 billion, half a billion of those in the last quarter alone.

Apple says there are more than 50 million iPhone and iPod touches in consumers hands, and that there are 85,000 apps available to download.

According to the iTunes Store, here are the top grossing TV-related apps. This is from the Store’s list of the top-100 grossing in all categories. (The store does not say what period this list is measuring–some of these apps were released last year, some as recently as last week):

#5: ESPN Radio ($2.99 per download)

#24: ESPN Fantasy Football 2009 ($4.99)

#33: SlingPlayer Mobile ($29.99) (User must have a Slingbox–then can get TV "forwarded" from Slingbox to iPhone or iPod)

#53: South Park Mega Millionaire ($1.99)

#55: Dexter the Game ($1.99)

#57: CBS Sports College ($9.99) (Games from the SEC Conference)

#58: CNN Mobile ($1.99) (Just released on Sept. 24; represents new paid strategy, instead of free)

#80: Wheel of Fortune ($4.99)

#86: The Weather Channel ($3.99)

–Chuck Ross


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