Current TV Reporters Speak for First Time About Their Capture by North Koreans: Was it a Trap?

Sep 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who were filming a report on human trafficking for the cable network Current when they were taken into custody by North Korean officials, broke their silence about the ordeal, in a report posted on the Current.com Web site.

The two write that, “When we set out, we had no intention of leaving China, but when our guide beckoned for us to follow him beyond the middle of the river, we did, eventually arriving at the riverbank on the North Korean side.” They weren’t on North Korean soil for more than a minute, they wrote, “but it is a minute we deeply regret. To this day, we still don’t know if we were lured into a trap.”

After being in North Korea less than a minute they said they returned to China, but that North Korean soldiers "violently dragged" them back into North Korea and arrested them.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. The bottom line is they did enter North Korea, and North Korea does not take kindly to such things, period.
    The question of whether their guide did it intentionally or not is one I’m sure that will bug them forever, but at least they admit it was their fault.

  2. People like these two (and Roxanna Saberi in Iran) infuriate me. They deliberately provoke the dragon and then whine and cry when they get burnt. They had no business being where they were–something they acknowledge. North Korea is a client state of China and does their dirty work. China is not exactly friendly to outsiders who seek to examine the way it treats its own people. These two put the interests of the US at grave risk and then expected to be rescued. And they were, but who knows what price was ultimately paid for their foolishness and naivete? Are they even real, accredited journalists? Somehow, I doubt it. Just a couple of ninnies with a camcorder and a notebook.

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