Director Roman Polanski Nabbed in Switzerland, Awaits Extradition for 1977 Rape Case; HBO Documentary Figures in Legal Manuverings

Sep 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Director Roman Polanski was taken into custody by Swiss authorities this past weekend and he awaits extradition in connection with his 1977conviction in an LA court of statutory rape, the Los Angeles Times reports.

After the conviction, Polanski fled the U.S.

He had gone to Switzerland this weekend to be honored at a film festival in Zurich.

In 2008, HBO aired a documentary about the Polanski case. According to the Times report, "Polanski, now 76 and a married father of two, asked the court to throw out the entire case in December based on new allegations of prosectorial and judicial misconduct detailed in an HBO documentary last year. The L.A. district attorney’s office argued that he could not make such a request while a fugitive, and an L.A. judge earlier this year agreed. A 1997 attempt at settling the case also failed."

The HBO documentary is called "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired."



  1. I hope they do extradite him. Nobody, no matter who they are, is above the law and if he committed the crime he is accused of, he should do the time.

  2. Why aren’t all the actors and actresses who have claimed to have been molested and raped. They have all spoken out against rape crimes, so why isn’t the media talking to people like Oprah. She has reported rape crimes for years. Is the media not speaking out against this man’s crime. Is it because he is a movie Director? Why is he above the law, above the news media and talk show condemnation? In my opinion he is no different than any other man who kidnaped, drug and rape any child. It makes you wonder if some child molester is using the news to prove to his victim that no one cares if he or she is being raped/molested. Shame on the media for not attacking this man’s crime of child RAPE. SHAME on Hollywood for trying to protect this rapist! Hollywood is supporting crimes against children by supporting Polanski. Hollywood: Are the rape crimes by Nazi’s no longer punishable due to time? No! So neither is Polanski’s. He should also be placed on America’s sex offenders list as soon as possible.

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