One Media Wag: TLC Almost Got It Right–if They Really Want to Bring Viewers Back to ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ They’d Drop the 8

Sep 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Commenting on this week’s announcement that "Jon & Kate Plues 8" will become "Kate Plus 8," MSNBC Media wag Courtney Hazlett, says the real way to fix "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is to drop the kids.

Writing on MSNBC.com, Hazlett says, Kate, "is and has always been the show’s central character. How she mothers, how she bosses her husband around, how she cuts her hair and tucks her tummy — that’s what the show is really about.

TLC is on the right track by downplaying Jon — he’s just become too difficult to watch now. But if the show takes that a step further and makes Kate the clear central character and the kids just occasional guests, and you protect the brand and most importantly, the kids."

Hazlett also talks about Jon putting the brakes on his divorce this week. She quotes a family law attorney not connected to the case as saying that Jon’s  "in a custody battle, so he’s saying the right child-centered speak.The question is, does it reflect that he’s had a child-centered epiphany? At least on issues of the divorce related to custody of the kids?”

According to the article, the attorney "suggests that Jon’s statement will be viewed favorably by the courts, regardless of the motives behind the statement or the fact it was given to a magazine, and not said under oath."

–Chuck Ross

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