TLC Stops Filming ‘Kate Plus 8’: Guess Who Ordered it Stopped?

Oct 1, 2009  •  Post A Comment

TLC has stopped filming "Kate Plus Eight," its newly retitled reality show that had been called "Jon & Kate Plus 8," the Associated Press reports.

And the person who ordered the show shut down was none other than … Jon Gosselin. He served TLC with a "cease and desist" order restraining it from filming his kids.

According to the AP, Kate issued a statement saying, "I’m saddened and confused by Jon’s public media statements. Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids."

Hmmm. Wonder if this could have anything to do with TLC cutting his name from the title of the show.

The AP said TLC also released a statement saying that "production would remain suspended ‘pending further conversations’ between both Gosselins, who are parents of young twins and sextuplets. Filming not directly involving the kids continues, TLC said Thursday."

–Chuck Ross


  1. I think TLC has milked that mess for all it’s worth – time to give it up.

  2. I totally agree. TLC should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely pathetic. Take them off the air completely!

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