White House Ups Attacks on Fox News

Oct 12, 2009  •  Post A Comment

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said Sunday that the Obama administration plans to treat top-rated Fox News Channel “the way we would treat an opponent,” the New York Times reports.

“As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave,” Dunn told the paper.

Fox responded with a statement from Senior VP of News Michael Clemente, who said, “Perhaps the energy would be better spent on the critical issues that voters are worried about.”

Meanwhile, the paper reports that sister channel Fox Business is interested in CNN’s Lou Dobbs, a critic of the Obama administration; he met for dinner last month with Fox News’ Roger Ailes.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. The more the Obama administration targets FOX News, the more their ratings will rise. Bring it on!!!

  2. I agree that The WHITE HOUSE needs to concentrate on their duties and NOT on wasteing any time on FOX (Non) NEWS.
    Roger Ailes is a very successful hack and the so-called news service he leads has all the bias of the R.N.C.
    I know, in time, FOX NEWS will either self-destruct, or can Ailes and his cadre and start anew to be an unbiased news service…I guess I’m thinking in Never-Neverland Think, but, hey, “there’s always hope!”.
    Peter Bright

  3. Anita Dunn translation: “We’re pissed that FOX News isn’t drinking the kool-aid like the other TV news networks!”

  4. Fox News is usually the only news source that questions the current administration. The competitors have proven themselves irrelavant by blindly reporting whatever the White House feeds them.

  5. Peter Bright is right (well actually left, but he is correct). It’s only a matter of time before FOX News Channel self destructs by showing the fair and balanced point of view. This administration is not concerned with fair and balanced, they want their agenda promoted and will abuse their power to ensure it. Look out Roger.

  6. Fox News never questioned the W. Bush administration…why are they acting this way with Obama? You don’t suppose there is a conservative bias with this news organization do you?

  7. I hate when people respond with something like “Maybe the White House should focus on the issues…” The White House is entitled to speak out. Anyone could say something like that to Fox News like “Maybe they should spend their time researching the truth…” It’s a sophomoric and cliche response.

  8. Can you imagine the amount of excrement that would have hit the fan had the Bush administration said they were going to treat say MSNBC as “hostile?”
    So if the White House is entitled to speak out, then any future Republican administration can feel free to make the same comments about MSNBC, CNN and the networks, right?

  9. Anyone that thinks FOX is “Fair and ballanced” deserves to watch that rediculous joke of a network. Rupert, who isn’t even an American, only cares about his wallet, and not our country.

  10. Do I believe that FoxNews has a conservative bias? Yes I do, and I am a regular viewer. Do I believe that CNN and MSNBC have a liberal bias? Yes I do, and I choose not to view them – particularly the incredibly biased MSNBC. I find it quite disappointing that someone from the White House feels the necessity to make statements like this about a news organization.

  11. If this was a real war between Fox News and the Obama Administration, you would be hearing reports about the September 8th and October 5th “Obama KBC and Eligibility Hearings’ in Santa Ana, California.
    Unfortunately, the only one covering this story happens to be a ‘birther’ as well as a ‘truther’. (Both derogatory terms meant to ridicule facts and conspiracy theories alike.) An unfortunate coincidence, since one of these beliefs is clearly on the lunatic fringe.
    Fox News has been touting their respect for the U.S. Constitution and that is what is really making Obama, his ‘true believers’ and ‘fellow travelers’ nervous. Imagine this:
    What if Fox News reported that a Citizen Grand Jury has found Obama guilty of TREASON!? (First time for a sitting President of the United States)
    What if they reported that Major Cook had his case against Obama’s eligibility to issue orders as Commander in Chief dismissed by order of this administration?
    What if they reported that Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate has been entered into evidence, complete with an affidavit from the man that obtained it in Mombassa?
    What if they reported that Judge David O. Carter has officially ordered a date certain for a jury trial on Obama’s eligibility as a Natural Born Citizen?
    What if they reported that Nancy Pelosi illegally submitted forty-nine (49) signed and notarized versions of Obama’s Certification of Nomination and only one (1) proper one to the State of Hawaii?
    What if they reported that Obama’s very first ‘Presidential Executive Order’ was to seal up all of his records? (Including birth certificate, college and health records.)
    What if they reported on his various secret agreements with Islamic radical regimes around the world? (Starting with his cousin Odinga and the Muslims of Kenya and Somalia; as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few.)
    Yes, I think a war with Fox News would look quite different.
    Instead, Fox News ha gone way out of their way to be respectful to the Office of the President, to play it ‘fair and balanced’ by presenting both sides of every issue – and they have chosen, right or wrong – to ignore the Constitutional and Birth Certificate stories.
    The Obama administration, by contrast has chosen to embrace deception, manipulation and outright lies. (With CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the main-stream media acting as cheer leaders and looking the other way.)
    Maybe if Fox News had more respect for their viewers than they have for the unworthy and questionable ‘occupier’ of the White House, they would report everything. Maybe they need to remember that respect is not an automatic right and must be earned, even by the President of the United States. What ever happened to “we report, you decide”?

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