Palin Speaks Out on Ill-Fated Campaign Interview

Nov 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told Oprah that, despite what her advisers were telling her, she knew that her 2008 campaign interview with CBS News’ Katie Couric had gone wrong, the Associated Press reports.

The interview with Couric was considered to be a major event in the campaign, leaving some who saw it with questions about whether Palin was qualified for the post.

The Palin interview airs on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Monday.

Meanwhile the AP got a copy of Palin’s new memoir “Going Rogue” in advance of its Tuesday publication and reports that the former Alaska governor has harsh words there for Couric, describing her as condescending and “badgering.”

According to the AP, Palin also charges that the CBS interview focused on “gotcha” moments and that more substantive exchanges were cut.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. When will this woman pack her Carpet-Bagger bags and go back to Alaska to stay?
    Other than superfluous BS, she has no substance and nothing to say, (or do).
    To but her in any office with power tied to it would be a travesty in motion.
    If she were half the person her hype claims, then she would have finished her time as Governor.
    Her ambition, and the hype created around her, have no substance to back it up.
    Give her the unearned dollars from the sale of the ghost written book and put her on a one way plane north and west.
    We need real potential candidates. We can not afford to waste one more second of valuable time on the likes of her.
    Peter Bright

  2. Bright is Right!
    Unfortunately, I think that we are going to continue to hear much more about and from this airheaded waste of time in a dress. Not because she is newsworthy, but because, for the most part, REAL journalism has gone the way of the large market family owned radio stations. More people care about John and Kate (and their eight little investments) than they do about real news. Instead, we have weapons of mass distraction like Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. Thank God for Brian Williams and Katy Couric.

  3. It’s amazing how so many on the left hate this woman with such passion.
    Reading such vitriol makes me support her all the more, and certainly she’s done more in her career than the current occupant of the White House has, even since getting elected.

  4. She has just as much right to write and publicize a book as anyone else. And she has a story people want to hear. So live with it. We want to hear HER side of things. Let her talk. I don’t think she’s seriously planning to run for future office, but she certainly has the right to defend herself against all the attacks–fair or unfair they may be. Keep in mind…John McCain forced her into the national spotlight. She didn’t seek it–not on the national level. Unlike someone else who decided to run for president after serving only 40-something days as a senator.

  5. Wow Bill!
    No wonder you support Palin – your post is right in her style of no substance and just attack those who disagree. Peter did not say a single thing that is leftist, but since you don’t like what he has to say you unthinking knee jerk fashion start throwing out labels to diminish the substance of what he has to say.
    If you knew any substance and history you would know those are fascscist and McCarthy tactics, but hey don’t worry that makes you have more in common with repressive regimes like China than the President who you seek to attack as less accomplished than Plain – really – hmmm, Columbia grad, Harvard law, Senator – accomplished lawyer or small town mayor not much than better than PTA in most populated communities who never even learned geography. C’mom – she is still claiming Curic used “gothca” moments on her – those were questions any High School student should get in their sleep – or did they seen that tough to you? Palin has had a long time to come up with a thoughtful explanation and is still claiming simple questions were tricky? Wow – that is just lame and shameful for our country that anyone that light weight could be taken seriously.

  6. Do you really really love public figure chat? Can’t stand it? Do you really take long lunches from work when you are aware how the hottest issue of Playboy will hit the newstands? I would like to be aware how many everyone actually find celebrities news enjoyable, and exactly how many for instance feel the passion from it idiotic.

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