Martha Stewart Sitting in on ‘Whatever, Martha!’

Dec 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Martha Stewart will join hosts Jennifer Koppelman and Alexis Stewart for the first time on tonight’s episode of "Whatever, Martha!" at 9:30 p.m. on Fine Living, reports the New York Daily News.

The show, in which Koppelman and Alexis Stewart, Martha’s daughter, make fun of old clips from "Martha Stewart Living," has been a surprise hit because of the irreverent humor and mocking of the hosts. Martha Stewart, who is Alexis’ mother, is also executive producer of "Whatever, Martha!"

— Allison J. Waldman



  1. Are these shows supposed to be entertaining? Funny? Silly? I think they are absurd!!! Martha Stewart has created an enormous legacy of style, education, experience and exposure and yet these two —- NO TALENT “botox” filled “heiresses” have nothing to share — they are PARASITES!!!!! They are not funny, not smart, not clever — It is boring and absurd to see silly “entitled” children make fun of the privilege that has been provided to them. “DUH Martha” — OMG — these two are a piece of work. Had Martha Stewart donated this legacy of work for public education I’d say BRAVO but for her to give a job to a talentless heiress and her friend — I’m very disappointed!

  2. I think Whatever Martha is a great show actually. Proves Martha’s savvy: she KNOWS that she has people who aren’t devotees of her stuff but catch it on sick days or re-feeds late at night who tease her for being perfect. Plus she is using old footage in a new way:cheap. Pretty smart. I watched the show last night and it was, as usual, hysterical. I watch it to laugh, be in on the joke, which Martha is. And,as usual, laughing all the way to the bank! Lighten up, get in on the joke, life is TOO serious these days, we need some silly fluff, on ocassion!

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