MTV’s DiSanto Defends ‘Jersey Shore’ Against Charges That It Promotes Negative Stereotypes

Dec 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

MTV programming president Tony DiSanto, an Italian-American, defended his new reality series “Jersey Shore” against charges that the show promotes negative stereotypes.

DiSanto made his remarks in an interview with James Hibberd’s Live Feed blog at The Hollywood Reporter.

“It never crossed my mind this would be offensive,” DiSanto said of the show, which has been criticized for promoting negative stereotypes and has lost some advertisers. He added: “I don’t look at these characters as representing an entire ethnic group. They refer to themselves as "guidos" sometimes, but it’s more about the way they act, their behavior, what they’re attracted to, their rituals. It’s not about an entire ethnicity.”

–Elizabeth Jensen

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