CNN Dumps Griffin in Wake of New Year’s Eve Crack

Jan 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Kathy Griffin, who dropped the "F" word live while co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper, has been dropped from the network’s future New Year’s broadcasts, reports Rob Shuter at Popeater.com.

Shuter quoted a CNN "insider" as telling him, "She was a total embarrassment to the network that calls themselves ‘The Most Trusted Name in News.’ Even Anderson thinks it’s time to say goodbye to Kathy."

This was the second time Griffin, who has co-hosted three New Year’s Eve show’s with Cooper, ran afoul of the network’s standards and practices folks. During the 2008 telecast, she also made a controversial comment.

To see a video of Griffin dropping an F-bomb on this year’s show, click here.

— Allison J. Waldman


  1. YEA!!! What wonderful news!

  2. May it be the first of many “Dumps” for her.
    Having minimal talent and a lot of luck over the years, you would think she’d not ripple the waters…”bye-bye, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”
    Peter Bright

  3. I notice it is only men who seem to dis Kathy… not surprising… a powerful funny woman… too threatening I imagine!
    I say CNN is wrong for dumping her. Grow a pair!

  4. Peter,
    You obviously have no sense of intertainment talent. But neither does NBC. I would think what is really embarrassing is the fact that it is now the number 4 network and dropping daily. Someone needs to pull their head out of their rectum and figure out what people want to see and stop making such issues about some little old ladies being offended.

  5. Lindy, were you drunk when you wrote this?

  6. CNN joins ABC in the “Calamity Jane” Club. Ridiculous.
    Bans must be the new answer to everything.
    And the fact that an “insider” invoked the name of Anderson makes me doubt that he actually said it.

  7. Peter, dude, you need to get with the program and come into the 21st Century. CNN was SO much more fun to watch as opposed to ABC with Ryan kissing everyone’s ass and as much as I respect Dick Clark and what he’s done for the TV biz, it’s really kind of sad to see him wheeled out once a year for NYE. Something to be said about bowing out gracefully! Kathy rocked and I don’t care what they say, Anderson LOVED doing ths show with her. I agree, CNN grow a pair!

  8. Terrence, right on! Andy LOVED being with Kathy and I’m sure his BF was standing right there also cracking up the whole time. People, its 2010, relax and laugh!

  9. I guess I have to watch something else next New Year’s eve. Dropping the f word on cable, so what

  10. Kathy and Cooper rocked. They were interesting,
    exciting, and entertaining. There was a Burns and Allen (look it up, young’ns) sense to their act.
    He tried to keep it on course and she just keep
    popping in little (and not-so-little) suprises.
    Her question about who should be on his “Death
    Panel” had me on the floor. Was the “F-bomb” over the endge? Sure. So warn her again but Jesus, bring her and Cooper back next year. She actually gives him some personality and life. CNN, in fact,had the only New Years’ Eve show worth watching. NBC’s was so pathetic it’s not
    worth space to discuss. (Another Zucker failure.) ABC and CBS should also run bars and tone. CNN does little right these days. Their New Years’ show was on the money.I hope the bosses won’t (no..no “F” bomb) blow it by dumping her.
    Note to Peter Bright: Apparently you’ve passed away and no one has told you. Of course you don’t see Kathy’s talent. You’d need brain activity to notice anything.

  11. LMAO!

  12. Wow, had I known Kathy Griffin was on CNN on New Year’s Eve I would have watched her and Anderson Cooper rather than the pathetic broadcast networks offerings. Love D.C. but no longer want to see him exploited in his condition. Hip Hop Sucks so I don’t want to watch rappin’ idiots either.

  13. Lindy and Eric…I don’t have to defend my background in entertainment television for it runs from A to Z in the entertainers and the prime time shows with which I have been involved…I think much of what is attemped on TV, or cable New Year’s Eve is folly, plain and simple…Having said that, I stand on my opinion of Ms. Griffin. There are many entertainers of either sex, or between, that out class and out act her. So, next year somebody else…OK.
    Peter Bright

  14. I’m sure Ms. Griffin was just looking for the opportunity. Anyone see her on Craig Ferguson during the holidays? During the interview she talked about the upcoming show with AC and joked that CNN told her if she violated any of their standards she would have to sign the check back to CNN. Both her and Ferguson had a good round of laughs over the idea. CF even joked that she should return the check to CNN now. In the end, this will further cement Kathy to her fan base and paint her as the outsider her personal branding requires. I hope she sent a nice thank you note to the Standards & Practices department at CNN.

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