Cable Network Says it Will Launch a 3-D Channel

Jan 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A cable network has announced it’ll launch a 3-D channel this year, following word last month that DirecTV will launch such a channel.

ESPN will launch a 3D network for home viewers on June 11, USA Today reports.

The network will launch with a World Cup soccer match and broadcast at least 85 live sports events in its first year, including the Summer X extreme sports games and NBA games, college basketball and college football. It will go dark when there’s not a live event on.

The initial commitment from ESPN is just for one year.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Won’t be long before they force your cable company to carry that too. If you ever wondered what drives your cable tv bill up, its sports programming. And its nothing short of extortion making cable compnaies carry ALL or none of their programming.

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