Food Network Used Ringer Vegetables in White House Garden ‘Iron Chef’

Jan 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Food Network took liberties when editing its "Iron Chef America" White House garden showdown to make it appear the vegetables—the show’s “secret ingredient”– came from the garden itself, when in fact they didn’t, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The heavily promoted Jan. 3 episode was the show’s most-viewed ever, with 7.6 million viewers.

The chefs were shown in the Washington D.C. garden picking vegetables and then walking into the New York stadium carrying vegetables. Those veggies were replacements, a Food Network spokeswoman said.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Really, if you thought all the veggies were from the actual garden – you are an idiot

  2. Can’t wait for people to start complaining that the White House is “indoctrinating” Americans to eat their vegetables. It’s a Socialist-Marxist-Communist-PETA-Acorn plot for gosh-darn sakes! We need to protect the children… from food!

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