Ted Turner’s Bison Offer Prompts Protest

Jan 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Ted Turner offered to take 74 bison off the hands of Yellowstone National Park officials for five years, in exchange for getting to keep their most of their offspring, but critics complain they shouldn’t be given up for private profit, the Associated Press reports.

Officials have been unsuccessfully searching for a home for the bison and Turner offered to step in to help. But critics said he wasn’t a good option because he would be commercializing the animals.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. So the critics would rather let the situation continue as opposed to letting someone who can obviously afford to keep them fit and healthy simply because they THINK he would be “commercializing” (whatever that means) the bison?
    What a bunch of morons.

  2. What you said. Morons.

  3. Well that’s what critics do. In this case, “commercializing” the offspring is PC speak for serving them up at his restaurants (Ted’s Montana Grill) where they serve up some mighty tasty bison burgers. What did they expect to happen when the Yellowstone bison herd got to big? If Ted’s idea is the best option then go for it.

  4. So better they die of hunger then maybe a few of thier offspring end up on a dinner plate? The offspring are payment for the care & feeding for 5 years. In the long run it’s better for the bison by adding new genetics to Turner’s herd. He ought to send back a few different bison to strengthen the Yellowstone herd. sounds win win to me.

  5. Excellent piece, thanks. Would you expand on the second point in more detail please?

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