Goodbye to Comcast, Hello to a Much Catchier Brand Name

Feb 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Comcast is rebranding itself in 11 markets beginning next week, Multichannel News reports.

The country’s largest cable operator will now start referring to its services—TV, Internet and phone—under the name of Xfinity. It plans to convert the name in the rest of the country’s major markets where the company operates by the end of the year.

The changeover is similar to that which Cablevision Systems made a few years back, when it renamed its services Optimum. Comcast will remain the company’s corporate name.

–Elizabeth Jensen



  1. Call it whatever they like, they are still going to get deep into your pocket if you have their service and they are actually BLIND to competition! Hey, before they get done, they will probably own ABC/CBS and NBC..wouldn’t put it past them and then lookout, they will put on the money-sucking big time. Pay for local news? You bet? Weather, why not? and sports? Nope, NFL is going to own sports and charge for EVERYTHING! Sure makes the future look bright, wouldnt you say? NOT!!

  2. They can call it whatever they like, it won’t change the fact that they will take down the entire cable system – TV, Internet and phone – from 2 AM – 6 AM whenever they feel like for “maintenance” and “upgrades” without any notification whatsoever.
    I don’t expect that behavior to change as at least my local Comcast system has been doing that since at least 1994.

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