This Ain’t a News Story. Sorry, We Already Miss Conan and All Those Latenight Jokes

Feb 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

This is NOT a news story. And we apologize for this in advance, but we already miss Conan and all those latenight jokes.

So here it is. Our own TVWeek short monologue:

(After waiting for your applause to die down):

Thank you. Thank you. So first NBC says it was messing with latenight as a solution to the pressure it was getting from affiliates due to the fact Jay Leno was a poor lead-in to their local news.

Then they said, well, it’s also because Conan’s ratings were lousy.

Today NBC claimed, no, the real reason we’re having all this trouble is because something’s messed up with our electronic throttle system.

And then it only got worse for NBC today when a high-ranking member of the Obama administration urged viewers to stop watching the network until the problem was fixed. Of course he later retracted the statement, but still…

–Chuck Ross


  1. Give it up, Chuck. I know Conan was your personal favorite, but most viewers did NOT agree. It’s painful when your favorite show gets canceled, but most of us just learn to GET OVER IT.

  2. Oh boy, now I can go back to saying my name is Jack O’Brien without being embarrased because Conan was using my last name on TV and he was AWFUL! I tried to watch him many times, but I just couldn’t. “He needed more time to gather an audience at his new time???” Aw come on…seven months is an eternity on tv…they’ve cancelled better shows that his after two weeks! So…so long Conan..take your 40 mil and disappear. I know I would…and I would thank the network gawds for ever putting me on in the first place!

  3. In the words of Stewie: “Now tell the joke that doesn’t suck!”
    I didn’t know Chuck Ross’ real name was Jim Belushi.

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