Showtime in Serious Discussions About Late-Night Show with Sports Commentator Stephen A. Smith

Jun 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Showtime is in serious talks with outspoken sports commentator Stephen A. Smith about hosting a late-night talk program, reports the Los Angeles Times’ ShowTracker blog.

Smith appears regularly on ESPN’s "NBA Shootaround" and has his own program on ESPN2 called "Quite Frankly." He also has a nationally syndicated radio show and first became known as a sports writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to the report, Smith said there are "a lot of things still to be ironed out," such as searching for a show runner. But the project has executive producers, "Soul Food" executive producers Tracey Edmonds and Sheila Duckworth. The program would air weekly and cover more topics than just sports, the story says.


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