Bristol Palin Defends Herself Against Olbermann’s ‘Worst Person’ Attack

Dec 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Bristol Palin defended herself Thursday against an attack from Keith Olbermann, who called her “the worst person in the world” because she preaches abstinence to teens even though she was an unwed teenager when she became a mother, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The recent "Dancing With the Stars" contestant said on her Facebook page that she won’t let Olbermann,  the host of MSNBC’s "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," distort her message about the difficulties of teen pregnancy and that he is confused about what constitutes hypocrisy, the report said.

“In order to have credibility as a spokesperson, it sometimes takes a person who has made mistakes,” she wrote, according to THR. “Parents warn their children about the mistakes they made so they are not repeated. Former gang members travel to schools to educate teenagers about the risks of gang life.”


  1. Olbermann, you ass. Bristol seems to be a helluva lot smarter than you. I know it comes as a shock, since you are the judge of who’s the worst person in the world. You’re not the worst, but you’re in the bottom 50%.

  2. Wasn’t her 15 minutes over a half hour ago? Bristol- please go quietly into the night…..

  3. So much for killing the segment. Olbermann is an ass.

  4. Liberals will always tell you who they fear the most, just by whom they insult the most. The irony is that such attacks solidify rather than weaken the attraction by plain folks in flyover country to Palin. When DWTS began, I was aghast at how bad Bristol was. By the end, I was amazed how improved she was. Dancing is a skill you cannot fake and anyone who watched each week knows she earned her way into the finals. If the show was rigged, she’d have won, but she just wasn’t good enough. Oddly enough, we have no problem electing the least experienced candidate.

  5. Another example that Olbermann is a proven moron!

  6. And then she shakes it on national TV.
    Great role model.

  7. Uh, if we had no problem electing the least-experienced candidate, then Sarah Palin would be Vice President right now.

  8. Kieth Olbermann must say controversial things that get him press. Hardly anyone watches him and his ratings suck. What is the best way to generate free publicity for his show? It’s to do and say things that he hopes will entice people to view his show to see what he does or says next. He makes statements that he knows are controversial, whether or not he believes them to be true. Bristol Palin had never danced. But she really improved in her ability by the end of the show. She was willing to try, even is she made a fool of herself. Keith makes a fool of himself for self promotion and self aggrandizement purposes. However, it’s a new low even for him to attack a teenager that made a mistake, acknowledges that mistake, and tries to help others from making the same mistake she made.
    Or, could this really be a subtle way for Olbermann to be promoting sexual promiscuity among teenagers? If you attack someone that promotes teen abstinence, it must be because you are for more teenage sex. If I was a teenager, Olbermann would be my hero. The heck with abstinence, let’s join Olbermann in encouraging unrestrained sex among teenagers. Keith Olbermann is now leading the campaign for more teen sex. Go Kieth, you are the man.

  9. You mean Olbermann isn’t dead? I lost track of him after he left ESPN.

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  12. Breaking news. BRISTOL IS ABOUT TO BECOME AN AUNT. Bristol’s abstinence theory is not realistic as she originally claimed before $$ changed her mind. Her own brother proves it:

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