Oprah Sets the Record Straight About Rumored Rift Between Her and Rosie O’Donnell

Feb 24, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After reports surfaced that Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell were at odds over the tone of O’Donnell’s upcoming talk show for Winfrey’s OWN cable network, Winfrey took to Twitter to put the rumors to rest, The Huffington Post reported.

Popeater’s Naughty but Nice blog reported earlier that Winfrey wanted the talk show to be a "friendly" daytime talk show, while O’Donnell thought it should be more political and allow her to express her liberal views. O’Donnell reportedly also resisted Winfrey’s choice for her executive producer, with O’Donnell allegedly concerned that Winfrey’s choice might be "a spy," the story said.

However, Winfrey responded with a tweet saying, "There’s no feud between Rosie and me. We haven’t even had a discussion about her new show."

Winfrey added, "I get so sick of people trying to create fights and feuds when women are in business. Don’t buy into it."

O’Donnell also posted a tweet denying the rumors.


  1. …and the winner gets Gayle. Good luck.

  2. Poor Rosie. She is always the source of some negative rumor. I saw in an interview with Oprah that she had a hormonal imbalance that caused her emotional outbursts that we all saw on the “View.” I think it’s great that the two daytime queens will be working together. I am equally excited to watch Rosie in full HD starting tomorrow on my employee DISH Network HD service. DISH will be the first to offer OWN in HD over Comcast and Direct TV.

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