Sony Hacked Again

Jun 3, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A hacking operation announced that it has breached Sony security and compromised more than 1 million user accounts associated with Sony Pictures websites, CNN.com reported.

The group, which goes by the name LulzSec, is the same one that recently defaced the PBS.org homepage, the story says.

In addition to the user accounts, the hackers reportedly gained access to 75,000 music codes and 3.5 million coupons.

Sony also recently suffered a major security breach involving its PlayStation Network.

In the latest incident, CNN reported: “The attack, part of a campaign known as Sownage, was announced on Twitter and on the LulzSec website. LulzSec said that it didn’t have enough resources to copy all the data that it was able to access. But the group did manage to grab a collection of databases that contain thousands of usernames.”

The hackers presumably gained access to passwords, email addresses and other opt-in data on users involved with registered activity on SonyPictures.com, along with its subsidiaries and partners, the story says.

“This certainly isn’t as dangerous as the information that was exposed during the [PlayStation Network] hack, but it could still be used to gather access to more important accounts elsewhere,” the story says.

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