Video: Bill O’Reilly Blasts Those Who Want JC Penney to Fire Ellen as Its Spokesperson Because She’s Gay. O’Reilly Compares It to McCarthyism, Says It’s a Witch Hunt and Is Wrong

Feb 10, 2012  •  Post A Comment

After the video, below, ran on “The O’Reilly Factor” DeGeneres thanked Bill O’Reilly on her show, saying, according to Fox News, “You didn’t really make it clear if you were going to shop at JC Penney, but if you do you can use my employee discount anytime you want.”


  1. No that can’t be right. O’Reilly is a conservative, therefore he must be a mouth-breathing Bible-thumper who hates everyone not white and rich. Right? There is no such thing as a reasonable, thoughtful conservative, according to most of the gum-flapping I hear, so somewhere this has to be a misunderstanding!

  2. Welcome to the worst of the conservative movement. Keep it going. This will only serve to increase voter interest for the fall and guarantee President Obama another term.
    Ellen DeGeneres by the way is not gay. Ellen is Ellen and is probably one of the strongest personalities that can move women to shop at JC Penney or anywhere else. And it’s all about moving product off the shelves of the new look JC Penney.
    She’s a perfect choice and any person or institution that thinks otherwise needs to one again remember that Ellen is Ellen. Her sexual identity is moot.

  3. This Sandy Rios never did answer Bill’s question. She comes off as very biased. The “Million Moms” may be more like Sandy, her next door neighbor and a couple of friends down the street but who just happen to have a good publicist. While they were at it they should have asked for Ellen to be drawn and quartered and burned at the stake. He is not too far off to equate it with the McCarthy era witch hunts.

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