Actor Seen in ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Will & Grace’ and Other TV Shows — and in the Movie ‘The Hangover’ — Dead at 91

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An actor who began his career late in life after making a name for himself in the music business has died. The Los Angeles Times reports that Murray Gershenz, who started acting at age 79, died Wednesday of a heart attack at 91.

He was known as "Music Man Murray," after spending nearly 75 years collecting more than 300,000 records that filled his shop. His huge collection and his quest to sell it was the subject of the documentary film "Music Man Murray," which debuted last year, the piece adds.

Gershenz found a second career as a character actor, landing bit parts on shows including "Raising Hope," "House" and "Parks and Recreation." He also had a memorable role in "The Hangover," playing an elderly man who fully disrobes, and he had a number of appearances on late-night talk shows, working with hosts such as Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel.

Gershenz told the Times during a tour last year of his record shop that he started buying records when he was 16.

"I fell in love with music — and I was a compulsive collector," he told the newspaper.

The piece notes, "At one point he interrupted our tour to take a call from someone he assumed to be potential buyer. Instead, it was a casting agent inquiring about his availability for a Doritos commercial."

"The acting gigs were coming in steady, and he wanted to devote his time to it, which he did. His goal was to sell the collection by the time he was 90," the article says.

Gershenz sold his collection earlier this year, which required a fleet of 52-foot-long trucks to load.

Here’s an acting demo reel for Gershenz:

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